Finnish Dance Rehabilitation, registered association was founded in Helsinki in April 2016. 

The purpose of the association is to promote  and develop the use and the methodologies of various forms of dance for rehabilitative uses of neurological diseases and traumas or other deseases, which adverse effects on abilities to live a physically or socially good life.


to give the rehabilitator experiences of joy and succes, through dance and imroving dance skills.

To do that the association plans and organizes various rehabilitative dance courses and weekly lesson which you can find under "tunnit ja kurssit" headline.


The members of the board and all the founding members of the assiciation have a strong background in dancing and a cuoriosity or professional knowledge in the field of neurological disorders and rehabilitation.

Board members 2019:

Anna Noutere, Chairman (Speech and language pathologist) tel. 0400-899 691

Maj-Britt Forsbom, Vice chairman (Physiotherapist) tel. 050-3826637

Kata Heiskanen, Secretary tel. 040-8202889

Jouni Mättö, Treasurer

Dance Teachers:

Kiki Molander tel. 050-5202260

Nina Krook

Hanna Vilander